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The Kitchen Table is phenomenal, homey while also being an incredibly sophisticated culinary experience. T I highly recommend this experience if you are going to Aruba. It was a meal to remember in an atmosphere that was welcoming and lovely. You start by meeting the host downstairs with a glass of champagne, you are instructed to mingle with the other guests and become “family”. As a shy person this almost always terrifies me but in this environment it felt natural. There were 12 of us total and it was a varied group of people re backgrounds and prior experience on the island. You are ushered upstairs to begin the meal, the first course is a snack of a chicken empanada and ceviche. Delicious. The ceviche was so fresh and the lime juice it was cured in added just the right amount of citrus to offset the fish. The empanada was crisp with the appropriate amount of filling. A scallop dish followed, this was also cold and refreshing. I dislike onion and there was a generous amount of red onion on the top of this dish, I still ate most of it and enjoyed it. The scallops were sliced perfectly. The octopus appetizer was next, one of my favorites. It was over a potato purée with black olive and Russian dressing sauces. Everyone cleaned their plates on this one. The octopus was tender and my only complaint was it was an appetizer and not an entree. I could have eaten more of this one. Then came the beef soup. This was less visually stunning but it was absolutely delicious. The broth was so flavorful. Intermission began. We were escorted out to the rooftop pool and given a glass of Prosecco and lemon sorbet as a palate cleanser. mingling occurred. One of the guests seemed to be hitting on the host. The rest of us were talking about the food. We went back in for the entrees. First up was Mahi Mahi over tomato risotto. This was my personal favorite of the entrees. The fish was cooked so well and the risotto was incredible. The last entree was veal tenderloin stroganoff. This course was a big hit with the crowd as well. The veal was very tender and the stroganoff was not heavy at all. The sauce was filled with fresh mushrooms, again the knife work on the mushrooms was impeccable. Finally it was time for dessert, we had a mojito passion fruit popsicle to start, this one was astounding because a popsicle shouldn’t be that interesting but it was. Underneath was a cookie crumble and the accompaniments kept the popsicle from being too sweet. It was impressive because I think it was the one I was the least excited about and it was my favorite. Lastly we had a chocolate mousse with mango sorbet and it was as good as it sounded. It was light and the sweetness was offset by the sorbet. It was my birthday and one of the other guests told them so they made my plate special. The last thing we received was a take home box of two macarons. Also perfect and delicious. The Kitchen Table is a 5/5 for ambiance, hospitality and the food.
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5 star rating
Spectacular ceviche Peruvian style; tasting menu and wines good but not mind-blowing (apart from the first class ceviche Four of us joined a further five people for a set menu tasting menu with wines, served at one large table, family style. We began with some Prosecco and introductions before going upstairs to a very nicely dressed table with full cutlery, napkins, glasses and table decorations. The menu included seasonal and local foods with three fish courses and three involving meat. The classic ceviche was superlative. Exquisitely balanced flavours of zingy lime, crunchy toasted corn kernels, sweet potato cubes, micro herbs, and lovely, lovely fish. Simply the best ceviche I’ve ever had. The next course of a raviolo with beef filling was less successful: the pasta was dried out on top as if it had been sitting under a heat lamp for too long. A pumpkin soup was very good, with a chicken and bacon element to it. The two main courses - tuna then lamb chops - were both OK but not outstanding. Both were slightly overcooked to my taste, and came with unusual sauces made with corn and mashed potatoes. A frozen purple corn popsicle was tasty and the dark chocolate mousse element of the final dessert was lovely - rich and smooth - and came with a nice sharp raspberry gelato. A small square of flan was an oddity on the plate, not quite going with the chocolate and raspberry. The matched wines were all pretty good, although the final dessert wine Monbazillac was not to any of our tastes as being too cloying. The New Zealand Sauvignon blanc with the ceviche was a perfect match and the Californian Chardonnay worked very well with the raviolo. Overall we enjoyed this meal. The service was warm, subtle, discrete and friendly. Unlike some other set menu events we also had elsewhere on the island, this experience did not present the wines and explain their relevance to each course, and the role of the chefs in the open kitchen was barely brought to the fore.
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